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  Central Park: Imagine Central Park: Fog N.Y. Stock Exchange # 2
  Central Park: Fall The Cyclone New York Subway
  Bethesda Fountain: Winter Life's a Beach Saturday Morning Astronauts
  The Fatman Broadway Rain Scene East Village Cans
  Film Noir The Great Blizzard Wall Street Bull
  Brooklyn Bridge: No. 2 Vesuvio #2 Vesuvio Classic
  The San Remo Hansom Cabs Chinatown
  New York Lunch City Cats To The Stage
  SoHo: No. 6 Radio City: Cab Greewich Village: Wall Art
  Statue of Liberty: No. 3 Statue of Liberty: No. 1 The Great Lady
  Checker Cab: No. 3 Checker Cab: No. 2 Checker Cab: No. 1
  New York: Sunday Morning Brooklyn Bridge: No. 1 Twin Towers: Fog
  East Village: Red Door Tenement Fire Escapes SoHo: Grand Street
  SoHo: No. 9 Chrysler Building Reflected Old Grand Central
  Flatiron: Red Lights Flatiron: Top Radio City: Snow
  Empire State: No. 1 West End Snow Storm Westside Snowscape
  Empire State: No. 8   Flatiron: Blizzard