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About Steve
Steve Harmon is one of New York's favorite photographers, whose work is contained in the permanent collections of many of the City's museums, including The Museum of the City of New York; The Brooklyn Museum; The New York Historical Society; and The New York Public Library. His work is also held in the collections of numerous corporations and professional firms and is owned by thousands of individuals throughout the world.

The New York Public Library recently augmented its extensive collection of Harmon's photographs by acquiring more than fifty images from his Times Square Series, a body of work made in the early 1980's, that captures the mystery and beauty of the neon "porno" shops and movie theaters that characterized the Times Square of that period.
  Harmon's deep love of New York City is immediately apparent upon viewing his photographs. They are often intimate glimpses of scenes and things passed everyday but not really "seen". Harmon has often been told by people that they never really saw the City until they saw his photographs.

But, the City has not been Harmon's sole subject. He has always believed that photography is an expression for the artist and that art primarily is about creating transforming beauty. Over the years, as a summer resident on Long Island's East End and in his travels through upstate New York, Harmon has made images of the land and sea and animals that are not only beautiful but reveal the essence of each of his subjects.